What on earth am I doing?

I am an explorer.

From the forests and fields as a child, to the continents and countries as an adult.

There is something thrilling about exploring, something indescribable, something alluring.

When you get to a new place, anywhere, it is an experience. The smells, the colours, the sounds and the feel of a of a place are the experience.

I got my first taste of travelling and exploring countries at a young age. I was lucky enough to be taken, by my parents, to California. I remember waiting to board the giant aircraft that stood in front of me in awe. I was hooked! (I hadn’t even left Heathrow at that point!)

On our return, my Dad bought me a globe. It was an antique looking globe with Barometers and Thermometers in the stand and topographical reliefs to show the mountain ranges. The days I spent staring at this globe filled me with questions. What makes a country, a country? Why are some borders straight and some are wiggly? Why can’t you drive to China, it’s all land?

Throughout my childhood, I was privileged to travel across the United States. I was also shown various parts of Europe and, I think, from my Dad, this is when I picked up my love of languages (especially French).

The problem with the travelling I did as a child, is that my parents were responsible. I went to places similar to the UK and I went to places that you could get by speaking English.

Eventually I started to want to venture further afield. I wanted to see every country before I die – A goal that may well kill me in the process!

Shortly after I met my partner, we sat up one night and started talking about travelling. We spoke about all the places we wanted to see and things we wanted to experience and we agreed to spend the rest of our lives exploring together.

After five years of frequent travel and plenty of funny stories, my partner Kerrie and the best Concierge I have ever met (more on that later), have convinced me to start writing this blog!

Maybe some people will read it, or maybe it will just be a nice memory-box for me when I am old, either way, I feel it is a worthy cause!

Please read, share, comment and contact and let’s see how this goes…

Dan 🙂






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